Top 3 Ways to Save Time & Elevate Your Life

To invest is to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something.  We do it with our money and our possessions without giving it a second thought because we see the value of a good investment, but we are rarely as eager to invest in ourselves.  The key to taking your life to the next level is investing in yourself.   

The mission of The Prototype is to help our clients save time, create memories and live their best life.  The 3 areas of our lives that allow us to put our best foot ward can be achieved through an investment in our fashion, food and fitness.  Why those 3 areas?  

1. Fashion - an expression of yourself through the clothing you wear.  Fashion enables you to let the world see you from the inside out, it informs others of your personality and approach to life.  It's no secret that first impressions are everything and almost impossible to change, so why not make the first your best?  As important as this component is, it takes skill to translate a "feeling" into "look".  That's where the help of a Personal Shopper or Image Consultant comes in handy, these professionals are skilled in creating a look for you based on color, body type, occasion and lifestyle.

2. Food - If you believe in the 80/20 rule, then you know that a healthy diet- the 80%-  is essential to overall health and wellness.  You also know that food unites sometimes when we get caught up in the experience and the fun, the quality of our food can take a back seat.  Preparing food, shopping for food, properly storing food is a skill, it's learned over years of experience and education.  Are you a social butterfly without the skill set to dazzle in the kitchen?  You are NOT alone,  if everyone had the time, skill and capacity to make gourmet meals, private chef and meal prep services wouldn't exist!  Hand this off and stop worrying about it, focus on the time spent with friends and family and creating lasting memories, NOT the grocery list a making sure everything is organic :-)

3. Fitness - Left to our own devices and interpretations of the countless fitness regimes out on the market and in our pockets, navigating a health and wellness plan on your own is not likely to get you the results you crave.  You hear people say, "it's not a race, it's a marathon" but that's really hard to believe when you are on your own.  With the help of a certified personal trainer, you not only have someone to design a plan specific to your lifestyle, schedule, body type, diet and end goal; you have someone to run the marathon with and not let your turn it into a foot race.

We are The Prototype, we are here, let us help you!