Capsule Wardrobe: How To

Minimalism is officially a "thing", the Netflix documentary proves that (must see)!  So what's it really about?  To me, it's about reducing the clutter, only selecting and holding on to piece that you love and truly add value to your life.  But if you are like most Americans, paring things down is a real challenge.  We are consumers, if it's new, we WANT it and convince ourselves we NEED it.

So how do you make that change?  Think about how stressed you get trying to get dressed EVERY DAY, it's exhausting and its annoying to have a closet full of clothes that you aren't excited to wear!  In comes the Capsule Wardrobe, the savior of your clothing universe, lol!  It's actually pretty simple and can be done in about 3 steps.

1.  Pick Your Style - Boho?  Eclectic?  Classic?  Normcore? Feminine?  Pick a general style that you want to stick with, this will ensure that all of your pieces flow together seamlessly. 

2. Choose A Color Palette - This is a big one, sure they're is nothing wrong with a pop of color, but you don't want your whole wardrobe to be pops of color.  Having a specific color palette will help you easily weed out items that won't work. 

3. Shop For The Basics but Don't Forget The Statement Pieces - Invest in the basics, those you will have for many seasons to come.  Then save a few coins on the statement pieces, just make sure the silhouette works for your body.