Scheduling Your Way To Your Fitness Goals

So, I'm starting to believe the hype about physically scheduling the tasks you want to get accomplished.  I'm not a routine person and I'm not super organized, which for all it's freedom, also causes me stress that I could easily eliminate.  Every time I mention something that I need to get done to my husband, his first question:  "Did you put it in your calendar?"  No, that's why I'm tell you, so you'll remind me, lol!  As comical as it is, it's not fair to put my to do list on someone else, so I've adopted the practice of writing things down!  I also just invested in the BEST planner in the world, it's made by Ink + Volt and it's pretty amazing!  

There's a lot of research to support this theory's effectiveness.  It adds a layer of accountability, especially for those of you that love a list and love to check it off!  Active gives 3 reasons why it's particularly effective for workouts!  




If it's already in your schedule, you don't have to worry about "fitting it in".  On behalf of The Prototype Personal Trainers, I'm sure they would agree, you have to make the commitment to yourself and to your partner in training.  The other thing that I've noticed is that I NEVER regret working out!  I always regret NOT working out, but when I actually go there and put in the work, I don't walk out wishing I hadn't done that personal training session, I feel stronger and better and ready to take on the next challenge! 

Here's to a stronger YOU in 2017!!  You got this!