Spring Clean: Closet Edition

March is finally here, yay!  It's been particularly warm here in Dallas, so I feel like I'm a little behind the ball, but for those that live in a climate with real seasons, it's time to CLEAN OUT THAT CLOSET!  Why?  Because "Spring Cleaning" is one of our earliest and most grueling memories!  I can't be the only one, right?  

It really doesn't have to be bad, though.  As most things in life, the more you plan and think through the process ahead of time, the more you are likely to have an enjoyable or at least less stressful experience.  For a fashion lover like me, Spring Cleaning my closet is fun, "out with the old, in with the new" especially when you can make money from the old with apps like Poshmark!  Poshmark is an online marketplace for gently used and sometimes new clothing, it's awesome and you can fill your closet with some great finds too, but only after you remove some of the clutter!

I digress...there's a method to the madness!  I'm not a follower of the popular KonMari method (love this guide from goop), but I do believe in having a process and mine is pretty simple!  For each piece that I pull out to evaluate, I go through a series of questions and that quickly determines if that particular item is a Keep, Donate, or Sell! 

1. Does it fit?  Like right now, not when I lose this pesky 10 lbs I've been talking about forever.

2. Does it need to be repaired or altered?  And am I REALLY GONNA DO IT, if so? 

3. Have I worn it in the past year?  If not, this can be an item I sell or donate.

4. Is it a GO-TO item?  If it's one of my faves that I can quickly grab & go and feel great, it's not going ANYWHERE!

5. Is it timeless or trendy?  If it's going to be "out of style" in the new season, I'll usually sell it!

This quick screening process allows me to quickly edit my wardrobe in the new season and clearly identify the pieces I may need to add.  This is where the fun comes in!  You can tackle your To-Do List of new wardrobe acquisitions yourself or we can help