Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I use The Prototype?
Because you’re ready to put your best foot forward and you’re tired of the stress.  The Prototype is here to partner you with an amazing Lifestyle Professional that can fulfill your need to save time, create memories and live a better and more fulfilling life as it relates to the way you dress, eat and look. 

How is The Prototype different than traditional companies?
How shall we count the ways?  The Prototype is the startup that’s changing the way you hire a lifestyle professional.  We are not a directory that just provides a phone and email and leaves you to do all the work, we are a service that connects you with the best lifestyle professional in fashion, food and or fitness that can actually fulfill your needs.  Because we are a service, we are here for you, if you want a recommendation and don’t feel comfortable making the decision yourself, we are more than happy to match you with one of our Prototype Professionals.  We also offer a very simple and straightforward process to hire your Prototype Professional that includes booking and payment. 

How is The Prototype budget friendly?
The Prototype hand selects lifestyle professionals that offer their services at a variety of price points to ensure that we have a Prototype Professional that will meet your budgetary needs. 

How does The Prototype focus on professional-client partnerships?
The Prototype isn’t about one specific method or approach when it comes to fashion, food and fitness, we’re about an idea and a mission. If you take a look at our Prototype Professional profiles, you can see they all offer a variety of services.  We want you to tell us your needs and expected outcome and we will partner with you to create a wardrobe, workout plan or menu to ensure the successful completion and fulfillment of that need.  Our Prototype Professionals are collaborative partners  that will turn your goals into reality.

What kind of services does The Prototype Provide?
If it involves Fashion, Food or Fitness - The Prototype has you covered!  You want to look amazing for your upcoming conference, but you don't have TIME to go shopping.  You want to host an unforgettable dinner, but you don't have TIME to master the art of cooking or even go to the store.  You want to get into the best shape of your life, but you don't want to waste TIME going to the gym and not getting results.  The Prototype is the ultimate source to accessing the best in the business so you can stop worrying and start creating great memories!

How do I get started?
Simply visit our website, select your area of need and check out our Prototype Professional profile pages.  When you find the perfect Prototype Professional, you can choose to inquire further by hitting the Ask A Question (link) button or simply hit Book Now (link) and you will be able to book your service and make your payment. 

What do you use my information for?
The information we gather is used to create your profile and preference so that appointment confirmations, updates and re-booking reminders are a piece of cake.  The information you share is also safeguarded by our privacy policy (link).



What kind of Lifestyle Professionals work with The Prototype?
Our Prototype Professionals (link) are hand picked and fully vetted members of the lifestyle services community coming from some of the best schools and certification programs with years of industry experience and skill.  Working with both established and burgeoning talent, our Prototype Professionals collectively cover every function, budget range and service type within Fashion, Food and Fitness.



What is MyTime?
The Prototype booking and payment system is powered by MyTime.  MyTime is the most convenient way to book appointments the with Prototype Professional of your choice!  Best of all, you can book your next appointment 24/7, even when the business has closed for the day from your mobile phone, desktop or through the MyTime mobile app.  Appointments booked through MyTime can easily be rescheduled or canceled without needing to call the business directly. With The Prototype, it’s easy to organize your life when it’s convenient for you.

What happens when I book an appointment?
Your Prototype Professional will receive an email and/or text message as soon as you book an appointment. The appointment will remain in the “Pending” state until your Prototype Professional confirms it. We’ll also remind you of your  upcoming appointment 24 hours beforehand!

What are the general rules when it comes to booking an appointment?

  1. How far in advance can I book? 3 months
  2. Can I book online if I’m a new or existing client? Yes
  3. Is there advance notice required for new clients?  Yes, 1 week
  4. Is there advance notice required for existing clients? Yes, 1 week
  5. Can I book with a Prototype Professional if I'm already their client? Yes, you can book appointments with your favorite Prototype Professional on MyTime. Make sure you select that you are an “Existing Customer” so we can let them know you're coming back!

I have some questions before I book. How can I get in touch with The Prototype?
For business-specific questions, use the “Ask a question” button right above the Book Now button on the Prototype Professional’s profile page. These questions get forwarded directly to the Prototype Professional so they can respond. You can also ask your question using the notes field when requesting an appointment. (The notes field comes right after you select the appointment times). Our concierge team will make sure we get the answer from the business ASAP.

For questions about The Prototype, feel free to reach out to our awesome customer service team. You can reach us by email:

Why is there a price range on some services? Why are there no prices on other services?
When there is a price range, it’s because a service can have different prices depending on the options you choose. For example, a private dinner for 2 is less expensive than a private dinner for 6 with one of our Prototype Chefs.  Even if no pricing is displayed, you can still request an appointment. If you’d like to know the price, you can ask for it in the notes section and we’ll email or text you the price.

Can I book more than one appointment at a time?
Yes, there are a couple of ways to book multiple appointments at once: Buy a package and save! Prototype Professionals offering packages will have them available at a discount and can be paid for on the site at one time.  We’ll keep track of how many appointments you have left, and remind you when it’s time to rebook.

Make your appointments recurring. Are there certain services you get on a regular basis (like personal training or meal prep)? Set up a recurring appointment through The Prototype so you don’t have to rebook every time! We’ll set all the appointments up for you, and remind you when they’re coming up. It’s easy to reschedule or cancel individual appointments from your Appointments page

Are taxes and gratuity included in the price?
Taxes are generally included in the price, but gratuity is not.  You’ll be prompted to add a tip after your appointment. Look for our text message asking how much you’d like to tip, and text us back the amount (e.g., $10). We’ll make sure this is added to the total charged to your credit card and pass it on to your provider directly.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?
We understand that sometimes your schedule changes. You can reschedule or cancel your appointment from the MyTime website or mobile app. The Prototype requires 72 hour advanced notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. 

Your credit card is not charged until after the appointment takes place. However, we still have to place a hold on your card to ensure we can charge it after the appointment. In the event of a cancellation, your bank will remove the hold from your credit or debit card in 1-7 days if the 72 hour cancellation policy is not violated.

To cancel and/or reschedule your appointments you can visit your Appointments page or email with the details of your request.

Do I need to give my credit card when I’m booking an appointment?
For The Prototype, payment for all services will go through MyTime but your card won’t be charged until after the appointment takes place. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Entering your credit card information on MyTime is 100% secure and encrypted.

When do you charge my credit card?
If you’ve booked an appointment with a Prototype Professional, we collect your credit card information when you’re booking an appointment, but we don’t charge it until 1 hour after the appointment. Please note, if you’re using a debit card, your bank may place a hold on your account for the amount of the appointment. In the event of a cancellation, your bank will remove the hold in 1-7 days.

Can I leave a tip through The Prototype?
You can easily tip via text message after your appointment. MyTime will text you after your appointment, and ask if you’d like to leave a tip. You’ll have 1 hour to text us back the dollar amount (e.g., 10). We’ll add the tip amount to the price of the appointment. You’ll see one charge on your bank statement that includes the service you received plus the tip.

Why do I see two charges on my credit card?
If you added a tip via text message, you might temporarily see two charges from MyTime. The first charge is the hold for the original appointment you booked. The second charge is for the appointment + your tip amount. As soon as you leave a tip, we’ll automatically release the hold for the original appointment. However, if you’re checking your balance online, you may temporarily see an overlap of two charges until the release is processed by your bank. This release usually takes place at the end of the day, or the next morning if you added your tip after banking hours.

What if I have other questions?

We're happy to help! You can reach us in 2 convenient ways:
By phone: (702) 416-0504
By email: